SARA for a sustainable region

Many regional administrations and companies have already discovered the necessity for integrating sustainability into their everyday work. But how can sustainability be implemented systematically? How can its effectiveness be measured? And furthermore, how can gained knowledge be shared so that others can benefit from it? What are good starting points for companies to integrate sustainability into their business strategy?

Sustainability on a regional level

SARA is short for "Sustainable Development Goals - Adaptable Indicators and Methods, Regional Development and Active Implementation". The aim is to adapt the global approach to local conditions as well as to the requirements of the respective organisations and to apply it in practice. The project encourages long-term sustainability by developing a German-Danish platform which will continue the activities and gather the knowledge about sustainability beyond the end of the project.

SARA's project aims

  • Translation of the global sustainability goals into the local context and acceleration of their implementation.

  • Methods and strategies for public administration to translate the Sustainable Development Goals from the global to a regional level.

  • Concepts to implement the global sustainability goals in small and medium-sized enterprises and to integrate them into their business strategies.

  • A cross-border platform to continue the implementation of the global sustainability goals in the German-Danish programme region.

Collaboration beyond borders

The German-Danish cooperation plays a vital role: The partners want to exchange their existing knowledge and showcase projects. Reviewing the given situation and examining the areas in which companies might need support are essential parts of the partners’ activities. To support this, the partners will organise workshops with small and medium-sized companies